Welcome to the online home of the M.G. Drivers Club of North America! The Club had its beginnings, with a casual remark, during the "M.G. International Indy" event in 1996. With 1310 M.G.'s and their owners participating, in what is to date the largest single M.G. event in North American history, for four days we really were one M.G. family. So it was only natural that someone would wonder, "how this wonderful M.G. family spirit could be continued into the future".

That comment set off a chain of discussions, e-mails and telephone calls  during the winter of 1996-97. The result is the M.G. Drivers Club of North America, the first US/Canada wide club for all types of M.G.'s, formally launched in August 1997. The Club's goal is to provide a home for M.G. enthusiasts who own all models of the M.G. marque, from the pre-World War II classics to the post war  T-series, Midget, Magnette, 1100, M.G. A, B, C, F, TF, Y-Type, and Z series, SAIC produced cars and beyond.. Won't you "Join Us On The Drive"?

Fast Forward, Together!



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